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COVID-19 Updates

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Veterinary clinics deemed essential businesses. Asher Animal Clinic is here for you!

You may not realize how important veterinary medicine is to preventing infectious disease outbreaks animal to animal and between animals and humans.  We see all the dangers not visible to the human eye and protect our patients and clients. 

American Animal Hospital Association states: 

The American Animal Hospital Association supports the concept of veterinary hospitals as essential businesses that provide critical healthcare to companion animals, horses, and livestock, as well as vital public health monitoring and management of potential animal illnesses. Veterinary services are essential to the well-being of pet owners, who rely on companion animals and think of them as family members, and to the public, as veterinarians often are on the front-lines in animal welfare and food-supply safety, as well as in issues related to animal-human interaction.


  • Will we continue to see wellness visits? 
    • Yes:  Vaccines are designed to protect your pet from severe infectious disease.  Monthly Interceptor/Simparica or Trifexis prevent and treat transmissible parasites.  Stopping vaccines would put your pet at risk of contracting these diseases. Contraction of these diseases may result in unnecessary loss of life.   An unprotected animal population puts humans at risk of contracting leptospirosis, rabies, roundworm, hookworm, etc.
  • What Curbside Services are available and who are they for?
    • For ALL clients with an appointment, including surgery and dental:
      • What does the process look like?
        • You will be sent a history questionnaire via email prior to your appointment to allow us to be better prepared for your arrival.
        • We are asking owners to text us at 501-562-0650 to let us know that you have arrived.
        • An exam assistant will meet you at your car to escort your pet inside the building.
        • All appointment correspondence will be done via phone during the appointment process. Please ensure you have a reliable and fully charged phone for the duration of your appointment.*
      • We are NOT allowing walk-in pick-ups and refills at this time. Call ahead only! When you arrive, we will bring your items out to your car.
      • No cash transactions will be accepted at this time.
  • Will we continue to see sick patients?
    • Yes:  We are here to care for your pet’s needs. 
  • Will we still perform routine spays and neuters?
    • Depends: Each heat cycle a female patient goes through exponentially increases the lifetime risk of breast cancer for that patient.  If your pet is scheduled for a spay in the next 3 weeks, your doctors will be calling to discuss the pros and cons of postponing this procedure. 
      • Male animals neutered after 6 months of age may keep certain behavioral traits such as aggression and marking after the neuter is performed.  If your pet is scheduled for a neuter in the next 3 weeks, your doctor will be calling to discuss the pros and cons of postponing this procedure. 
  • Will we continue to perform dentistry?
    • Yes: Our patients are very good at hiding pain.  We cannot fully evaluate the health of a pet’s mouth while they are awake. Dental charting and dental xrays show us the disease lurking under the gumline.  We can then treat your pet, removing pain and infection and extending their quality and quantity of life to share with you.
  • Will we perform mass removals?
    • Yes: If there is cancer, a fast-growing mass or a painful condition, we will perform surgery to treat your pet. 

We as a clinic respect the CDCs recommendation and being a part of protecting our communities’ health.  Along those lines, we are also responsible for the continued care and protection of the animals in our community.  We do this by remaining open with “curbside service” and continuing thorough care of our patients.

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